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How to find your perfect massage gun / percussive therapy instrument

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I've been trying, reviewing, and demonstrating massage guns for years now, and I wanted to share the 3 categories of how I help clients decide what is the best gun.

  1. Price: price basically determines the range of products you can buy. Theragun is the most expensive and name brand of the massage tools, but they're also the most expensive. For my friends and family, if you'd like to connect with me at, I can tell you more about the Theragun and provide a 10% discount code via text. Send me a message as I'm always happy to talk about wellness and health products and services.

  2. Loudness: some of the knock offs are really loud, some are quiet, definitely look into the loudness of the tools because it can be annoying to use at night if they're too loud.

  3. Shape / grip: depending on how flexible you are, any gun can work for you, but if you need something with an easier grip, I'd recommend the Theragun brand.

Things most instruments already have:

Strength: some people want a stronger experience but all the guns made in the past year are mostly plenty strong. Some knock offs may become a bit weaker but for the most part, but I've actually found the quality of the strength of the guns to be very good nowadays.

For a visual review: check out my comparison of the 2 biggest brands: Theragun vs. Hypervolt.

Are you in the market for a massage gun?

We review our experience after 6+ months with the Hypervolt and the Theragun to figure out if they a good replacement for a massage. The 3 main differences are outlined in the video are pricing, shape, and device loudness. Find out what matters the most for you.

Pricing is $399 for the Theragun G3 [discontinued older model] vs. the Hyperice Hypervolt at $349.

I'll be releasing more reviews on my channel so please subscribe to get the new updates.

Have you used any of these? Do you have any questions? Are there other products you'd like us to review? Feel free to write to me.

About Irene: Irene is a career & wellness coach based in California. She's a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM-CPT), a certified nutritionist, and teaches group fitness at Exos.


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