Winix C545 unboxing and review of the 4-stage air purifier, available at Costco and Amazon

This is the super popular air filter option at Costco, but is it worth it? So far so good for the purifier, I'll show you what's in the box, how to set up the filters, cleaning the filter, and my review of the product. I've been decently happy with it, it's convenient and you can control it via smartphone app which makes it handy to turn on and off. On Auto mode, it detects light in the room so it stays on during the daytime and turns itself off at night. Is it one of the bes

How to find your perfect massage gun / percussive therapy instrument

I've been trying, reviewing, and demonstrating massage guns for years now, and I wanted to share the 3 categories of how I help clients decide what is the best gun. Price: price basically determines the range of products you can buy. Theragun is the most expensive and name brand of the massage tools, but they're also the most expensive. For my friends and family, if you'd like to connect with me at, I can tell you more about the Theragun and prov