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The benefits of fermented food: a podcast chat with Stanford PhD researcher Dr. Wastyk

I was eating some yogurt with blueberries today and I was reminded of this chat I hosted with Dr. Wastyk... making a little flashback post to remember that time:

I’m excited to have Hannah on the show today. Hannah Wastyk is a Stanford PhD candidate and fermented food researcher who will share a little more about what are fermented foods, why are people so obsessed with them, and why might they be good for you to include in your diet? I personally love eating fermented foods and have a huge interest in nutrition and how it relates to health. I’m super excited to bring someone very knowledgeable in this space to share our thoughts about microbiomes and tasty foods.

To start off, can you share with the listeners a little bit about yourself and your interest in fermented foods?

[[We’ll be going over the following topics:]]

- What are fermented foods?

- What are the most popular fermented foods?

- Why are they so beneficial?

- Can you make fermented foods on your own?

- Are there any safety issues with fermented foods?

- How did you get into fermented foods?

- What is your fermented food research about?

- What does your company do?

- Besides fermented food, what other hobbies do you have?

- Wrapping up are there any last things you want to share?

- Where can people find more about you?

Thanks for coming on the show today.

Read some of Hannah’s papers here:

A randomized crossover trial on the effect of plant-based compared with animal-based meat on trimethylamine-N-oxide and cardiovascular disease risk factors in generally healthy adults: Study With Appetizing Plantfood—Meat Eating Alternative Trial (SWAP-MEAT)

Read the rest of the study here: Watch the video here:


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