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We have clients across the San Francisco Bay Area as well as remote clients nationally and internationally. We've consulted folks or done projects at major companies from Apple, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce; national nonprofits such as GLAAD; and universities such as UC Berkeley. Our clients have successfully transitioned toward new positions and careers, moved to new cities, and completed a range of general life goals. Hear a bit more about their stories below.

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Read what our clients have to say about our local "Top 10" and 5-star business

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Read what our clients have to say about our 5-star business

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Irene is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and action-oriented. She took time to understand my current career situation and goals. Growing up Asian American and landing a pretty stable job, Irene knew what it was like to be in my position. I wasn't sure how to approach next steps and she outlined how I could take small steps before making any major changes.

Given my circumstances she gave me a couple of items to start working on towards my goals and followed up with me the week after to check in on my status. What took me months to achieve I was able to do in a week just with Irene's guidance and encouragement. I'm very grateful to have her as a coach as I figure out my career.

-Mary X.

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I highly recommend Bay Wellness Coaching. Irene is a great life coach and has helped me accomplish my personal, professional and fitness goals. My decision to meet with her was a complete game-changer and has made a long term impact on my health and wellness! I am impressed how fast my progress went once I committed to the program.

-Lauren J.

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I have been doing remote coaching with Irene. She is a wonderful wellness coach and a true professional. She has been an amazing guide. She makes sure to check on my progress to keep me on track. We have regularly scheduled phone calls. Thanks to her I have come a long way in my health and career journey. I highly recommend her services!

-Karen P.

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