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Q&A: "If I'm asexual, should I join LGBT spaces? Will I be accepted?"

Question: I'm moving to college and when looking at student communities I can join, I have some confusing feelings when I saw the LGBTQ+ group. I want to find "my people" but am struggling with those feelings of "not being ace enough" to join such broad group that is so overarching. I'm not sure if the space will be ace friendly for a demi/gray ace who isn't even sure of their identity. Is it worth joining? Answer: Yes, I'd recommend joining. You might make some great new friends, and at the worst, you can always stop attending if you don't find the folks accepting.

I think you will find greater acceptance within LGBT spaces for people who are different or have broader thoughts around relationships, dating, and friendships. I've met other ace spectrum folks in general LGBT spaces. Like all groups surrounding around a specific identity aspect or interest, you might not know until you try. Give it a try and hope it works out!

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