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What you need to know before adopting a shelter dog: first time pet owner tips


- What you need to know before adopting a shelter dog: first time pet owner tips

- Things I wish I knew before adopting a shelter dog during COVID

- Difficulties of raising a furbaby as a single pet parent

- Finding out the breed of your mutt through an embarkvet DNA report

- How to be a competitive applicant in adoption for various shelters

- San Francisco SPCA dog adoption

Deanne and her dog Ramen are on the show today talking about the things you need to know and expect when adopting a shelter dog... during covid… as a first-time pet ownership experience.

Our amazing queer guest for the day had a lot of struggles, cries, and wins during this journey of taking in a distressed animal to a new environment and growing to love and trust each other. She shares her love of dog adoption (shoutout to SF SPCA) and the struggles of being a single pet parent.

Ramen's genetic makeup through Embark Dog DNA Test:

- bichon frise

- poodle

- chihuahua

- Pomeranian

- cocker spaniel

- golden retriever

- pekingese

- supermutt (misc)

Ramen is a mix of many different breeds; he is primarily a bichpoo. He loves to eat boiled chicken and pumpkin puree, go on plenty of walks, hike, and chase after squirrels. I've had the pleasure to hang out with him a few times and he's a very sweet boy. There's a really funny and cute video of him trying to climb a tree too. This is probably one of my favorite videos of him being silly:

I wish Deanne all the best in her pet ownership and future adventures. I wish Ramen all of the snuggles, cuddles, and pets.


During the first week of ownership, Deanne showed up at Pet Food Express crying and feeling overwhelmed. She highly recommended their store in Oakland. The people there were really nice to her and understanding.

"Pet Food Express offers the best pet supplies and pet products and the best selection of natural and organic pet foods."


Ramen was adopted at the The San Francisco SPCA and Deanne had a great experience with them.

Learn more about The San Francisco SPCA:

As the fourth oldest humane society in the U.S. and the founders of the No-Kill movement, The San Francisco SPCA has always been at the forefront of animal welfare. As a result of our efforts and partnerships with our community partners, San Francisco has the lowest euthanasia rate of any major city in the country.

Progress does not stand still. It has always been part of our DNA to forge through the next challenge, to never settle for the successes we’ve achieved. There are more animals to help, more of the community to serve. It is in this pursuit that we are embarking on the next era – Vision 2030 – which will positively impact the lives of 5 million animals in the next 10 years. (


The SF SPCA is the place for pet adoptions. We have a large selection of cats and dogs at our Mission Campus.

Every adoptable animal is spayed/neutered, microchipped, and ready to find you. All shelter animals also go through medical and behavioral screenings, and we share our findings with you, but please know that unexpected issues can sometimes arise after adoption. Most importantly, every animal is loved and nurtured during its stay at the SF SPCA.

Get Involved

Without our donors and volunteers, the SF SPCA could not function. There are many ways you can help us protect and care for homeless animals.

Become a Volunteer

Our 1,400 volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. There is so much work to do, and so many fun and interesting ways you can help.


Support our Advocacy

Since our founding in 1868, we’ve recognized the power of advocacy to make the world a better place for animals. Follow along as we continue to work to impact animal welfare issues in San Francisco, the state of California, and beyond.


Make a Donation

We rely on our donors for financial support. By becoming a donor, you will be supporting the work we do and helping to create new and innovative programs that protect and care for homeless animals.

The SF SPCA is an independent, local nonprofit that receives no government funding and is not part of any national organization.

The SF SPCA is also a 4 star (highest rating) on Charity Navigator and hold an Independent Charities Seal of Excellence. The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.



- Find more about Ramen and his journey:

- Learn more about the SF SPCA where Ramen was adopted:

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