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5 things I wish I knew before starting reusable menstrual cups: review & wellness perspective

Here are 5 things that surprised me when I first began my search 5 years ago into reusable menstrual cups.

I've been using reusable menstrual cups for 5 years now. I get a ton of private messages from friends and clients about them. I figured I'd just share with everyone how well (or not well) they work in a more public manner. I know there's still a lot of taboo for people to speak publicly about periods and mensuration but there's a lot of knowledge that can be passed on to have a healthier and happier periods (or as good as a period can be).

This video does not cover birth control, but I think that is the best way to limit periods in general. Not everyone is able to take birth control or they may be trying to get pregnant, so this video is for people who have periods (or even younger girls who are about to get their periods and want to learn).

1. Healthier: after 5 years I have had no issues. These two brands have no toxins, allergy free, 100% soft medical-grade silicone. Regular consumers don’t know what kinds of dyes, plastics, or other toxins are in conventional menstrual products. Toxic shock syndrome is a rare, life-threatening complication of certain types of bacterial infections, which you can still get with mensural cups but are less likely from my understanding as they don't absorb anything (unlike conventional tampons). 2. Convenient: especially for traveling, don’t need to pack as many pads and tampons onto your trip. 3. Saving money: most women spend ~$150 a year on throwaway products which are just trash. 4. Less trash: 200,000 tons of waste per year, lots of plastic, supposedly even pads are 90% plastic. average woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of “pads, plugs, and applicators” in her lifetime.5. Don’t give up: it does have a bit of a learning curve but after you’ll love it and end up making youtube videos about your menstrual cycle. Wait... or is that just me?

I'll also be sharing some experiences with both the OrganiCup and Diva cup brands, so this isn't quite a product review but my experiences with both products and cups in general.

If you'd like to see a product review, go here instead:


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