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Health tip: taking a walk while talking on the phone & usefulness of wearables

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I highly recommend a phone call catch-up with family or good pals for your mental well-being. Bonus points for challenging yourself to stay active while doing so. I literally walked back-and-forth from the front door to the garage and ended up walking a lot more than I planned (over 2 miles just inside the house). I workout regularly, but it’s also nice to add in “accidental” exercise, too. It's a great option for people who might have missed their regular workout during the day.

A lot of my clients find that wearables and fitness tracking apps help them reach their goals and self-monitor. Do you use any wearables? Smartwatch, Fitbit, or anything else? Has it helped you? This watch I’m wearing is a gen 1 Apple Watch; the battery broke a while ago but I DIY replaced it which wasn’t too hard.


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