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Non-binary top surgery interview: 1 week post-op (Part 2), an Asian-American queer experience

We’re interviewing Livvie Lin, 1 week after their double incision top surgery, to chat about their experience.

This is our Part 2 video in our surgery recovery series as we wanted to increase the visibility of Asian-American queers, especially those who are non-binary. As reference, this is a gender-affirming surgery option for FTM (female-to-male) and FTN (female-to-neutral) who wish to alter their chests and reduce dysphoria. Some choose to undergo this surgery to have a gender neutral chest and some prefer a more masculine result.

This surgery was done with Dr. Scott Mosser in San Francisco, California who is a Bay Area transgender specialist.

--- More about Livvie ---

--- Resources for queer women / trans folks ---

Online support Facebook (SF Bay Area focused but open to all):


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