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My coronavirus testing experience... going to the doctors, dentist, and optometrist during covid-19

A lot of people have asked me about my experience being tested for COVID-19 at the doctor's office, as well as whether or not I felt safe going to routine appointments, so I made a quick video to share. As most of you know, I'm passionate about preventative care, e.g., eating healthy, exercise, mindfulness, and going to your check ups with healthcare providers.

-- I went to the following appointments --

1. Doctor's office for a check-up and getting bloodwork done (as well as the coronavirus nasal swab). I went to a One Medical doctor's office in Menlo Park / Palo Alto. It's just a small doctor's office and they have a lot of appointments so I wasn't taking away from someone's more urgent visit.

2. Dentist office for a standard teeth cleaning: although I brush and floss daily, I'll still get some plaque so I wanted to continue with my regular check-up. I went to SmileCraft Dental in Mountain View.

3. Optometrist office to pick up my sunglasses. I went to Pacific Eye Care Optometry in Mountain View.

All in all, I felt pretty safe at all locations. I felt a bit hesitant before attending the appointments and asked them what safety precautions they were taking. If you're unsure if you'd feel comfortable, call ahead of time and see what they're doing to remain safe; in California, it's extremely like they will have things planned prior to reopening. They definitely took precautions to social distance patients and space out appointments. I personally also took precautions by wearing a mask, washing my hands before and after, wearing sunglasses, not touching anything, social distancing, and taking vitamin C regularly to help my immune system.


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