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How to save money and save the planet when cooking at home (plus, perfectly boiled eggs!)

Most people know that you can save money when cooking at home by buying in bulk, but here's a few other tips I do to really stretch your dollar and your eco-friendly skills. I try to incorporate homegrown ingredients as much as I can. Growing vegetables at home reduces the travel time and gas necessary to transport food. Here's a little meal I made this week: homegrown cucumber with organic spinach and eggs on buckwheat noodles.

I felt so accomplished when I perfectly peeled this dozen eggs, not a dent in sight 😌. The way I peel them is boiling the eggs first, taking them out quickly and placing them into an ice bath. This helps the egg whites from sticking to the shells immediately. And here are my additional little money/earth saving tips 🤑:

- I save the water I use when boiling my noodles, boiling my eggs, and washing my veggies in a bucket

- I then use that bucket of water to water my garden outside

- I save my eggshells, grind them, and use them in my garden as mulch and calcium

- I try to cook in bulk. So I'll usually try to have enough for leftovers, which I will refrigerate or freeze to eat them again another day and save myself time from cooking


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