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How to get outdoors and travel on a budget

Updated: May 5, 2020

Got back from a great trip being outdoors with friends at Banff National Park in Canada!

#baywellnesstip - traveling doesn't have to break the bank. A vacation is a fun way to detach from work while learning and experiencing something new. Traveling with family or friends makes great memories while cutting down costs. For this trip, the 4 of us friends were able to split our car rental, park pass, driving duties, gas, snacks, and lodging. We shared 1 bathroom between the 4 of us, but honestly we weren’t home much since most of the time was spent outside walking, hiking, and enjoying nature.

The most costly part of the trip was the flight, but it wasn’t bad either flying at off peak hours. I’m lucky to have an amazing partner who helped me with airport dropoff and pickup- if you don’t have a supportive family you can trade airport duties with a roommate or nearby friend, too. If you have a car, you can offer to pick up your nearby friend and just ask them to drive your car back from the airport. From CA to CA (California to Canada), much love from your south-of-the-border neighbors and thanks for having us!


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