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How I found a new job during COVID after unemployment: application, resume, and interview tips

I’m excited to be interviewing Angelique about her experiences: from losing her job during covid, filing and receiving unemployment, and landing a new job all within a very quick time frame.

It’s been a really difficult time, and although not all experiences are the same, I wanted to highlight one woman’s success story as well as share some job search techniques that are relevant for everyone regardless of industry. Angelique shares a lot of great tips and job application strategies. I’m also happy to chime in with my perspective of career coaching, guiding people in their job search, and working in corporate recruiting.

In our chat, we’ll talk about:

- What you were doing in your previous job and what ended up happening to it?

- How was your experience searching for a new job?

- What was your process of filing for unemployment in California.

- What are some techniques, tools, and resources you’d recommend for a job seeker? E.g., job trackers, resume templates, and furthering education (LinkedIn learning/resources)

- What was your experience with remote interviewing?

- How was your experience receiving the offer and negotiating?

- Anything else you’d like to share with everyone or words of encouragement?

Thank you so much Angelique for being on the show today and sharing your words of experience and kindness. Hopefully we can all take steps to help reduce the spread of coronavirus to get the economy moving positively again soon: staying socially distant, wearing masks, and getting tested in case you might have symptoms.

Rooting for you all and let me know if you have any questions!


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