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Growing up Muslim-American: one woman of color's journey through challenges and self-identity

Today I’m happy to be interviewing a client of mine, Asra, a Muslim-American woman living here in the San Francisco Bay Area (California). We’ll be talking about her life journey and her story. I want to highlight more stories of people of color, especially women of color, to share their experiences.

My channel right now highlights a lot of East Asians, but I am also expanding to more South Asian and Desi-American voices as well so stay tuned. We answer the following questions:

- How do you identify in terms of your cultural and ethnic background?

- So we’re doing a series about diverse populations and their experiences. Could you share a little about yourself, your hobbies, and your passions?

- How did you started identifying as a feminist and why?

- What’s been your experience growing up in the United States as a Muslim-American woman? How was it attending school and how did the education system treat you?

- What are some challenges you’ve faced being a Muslim-American woman of color?

- To wrap up, do you have any last thoughts you want to share?

Thanks again Asra for sharing your Indian-American story here!


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