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5 self-care tips during COVID-19

Here are some of my favorite self-care and stress management tips to do during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Home workout videos on youtube: Yoga with Adrienne is a really popular channel among my clients, I've tried it and the videos are great! 2. Phone call or virtual hangout with friends... Zoom is a free option; don't forget to enable a password on your calls though to prevent from people "zoom bombing" (unwanted people joining public links to wreck mayhem). 3. Cooking at home... get around to that recipe you've been meaning to try. I've made some new things such as sweet sesame soup and various multi-grain alternatives to white rice. 4. Reading that book you’ve been meaning to get around to finishing... I've been focusing my time on materials on health coaching, nutrition guidance, and motivational interviewing. 5. Cleaning, vacuuming, and tidying up at home... make your space comfortable for you. One of my favorite cleaning tools is my Dyson handheld vacuum. A lot of clients have been under pressure and extra stress because of COVID-19; I understand that feeling. Please take care of yourselves, wash your hands, drink water, take vitamin c, and get enough rest.

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