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Reusable cloth diapers pros and cons: saving money and what I wish I knew before starting

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I work with a lot of women in my coaching practice: some have children, some choose to not have children, and some want children but haven't been successful yet. No matter how they feel about babies, they're all valid. I'm happy to support women and volunteer with girls mentorship programs.

Something I've been learning about recently is cloth diapering, I was reading about it but realized it would be way more interesting for me to speak with someone who has cloth diapered her own baby.

Jessie is an awesome eco-conscious mom, she was gracious enough to help answer my questions. In our chat, she'll answer cloth diapering 101 questions:

00:40 - How’d you start using reusable diapers?

02:45 - Did you have any hesitations before starting?

04:22 - What is the best thing about the reusable infant diapers?

05:40 - What is the worst part about the cloth diapers?

07:30 - How much did the diapers cost? Where did you buy them?

09:12 - Can you share a few of the different styles?

12:42 - Do they have swim diapers?

14:05 - Any other last things you'd want to share with people who are considering to make the switch?

14:58 - Are there any other baby products you use that are reusable or generally less detrimental for the environment?

18:15 - How did you find out about the baby resale events?

If you'd like to buy reusable cloth diapers, here's brands I've had recommended by multiple moms:

Mama Koala Link: Alvababy Link:

bumGenius all-in-one Link:

bumGenius pocket-style Link:

Thanks again Jessie for being on the call today!

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